It is still sunny with a clear blue sky. I promise that is the last time I will mention the weather.

I stand corrected on the litter and Franchise free world. As soon as I finished writing the last email I found, the franchise world (including Debenhams ???, the litter, Mcd… and graffiti all in the same location, I wonder if they are related by any chance.

Having said all that, I am currently typing this email from the very, very posh central bus station in central Stockholm. A million miles from Digbeth coach station in Birmingham. Possibly the worst and scariest of all bus stations I have visited all over the world including the Colombian \ Venezuelan border and the toilets at Khotyn in Ukraine… but those are another story. Digbeth coach station does have a tree growing out of the roof though, if that counts for culture.

I have spent the last two days on a small island in the archipelago off the Swedish coast. The island was called Finnhamn. A fantastic island. 700M long by about the same wide. I had a small chalet all to myself as well as most of the island. There was only a handful of people stopping there last night, the hostel owners and me being one of very few others. Once I found my chalet that is. After watching Swedish TV last night in the hostel. When it gets dark it gets out here it gets very dark and you can hardly see your hand in front of your face. Pity I left my head torch back at the chalet.

During the day I spent most of the time wondering around the coast of the island and just relaxing, thinking and chilling out and watching the wildlife. The website does not do it justice, the tranquil effect is has on you is just fab. To top it all there was a warm welcome and excellent food at the cafe.

Prior to all that in Stockholm it was more museums as well as the changing of the guard. Quite an elaborate 50 minute event which I filmed. However, I did stop when the mounted band started to do solos surrounded by the other band members in the middle of a circle. I will not bore you with all the other museums, but I enjoyed them, and that’s what counts.

One thing I have noticed and was confirmed to me at one of the museum trips I did. Is that women pay a prominent roll in society here, 53% of the city councilors are women, and they have a confident and less subservient roll.

Back to the youth hostel in the city tonight. I am on dry land as the boat is full up.

Breakfast is standard at most locations and appears to be coffee, fruit juice, muesli with yogurt and a dollop of jam all mixed up, followed by bread, riveta (assorted flavours and breakage strengths)cheese, ham, sliced veg and a boiled egg or two.. Well at least that is all I could get on my tray anyway.

A full day of sites is already planned for tomorrow, may be even a museum or two.

Telvig däg