Stockholm – The last day

Well, this is it the last afternoon before the flight and coaches home. What a superb time I have had, as usual.

As you can imagine by now the last tow days here back in Stockholm have been spent mainly at museums. Today being by far two of the best. Architecture and national history. They really give an understanding of what it is to be Swedish, where they have historically come from, and most importantly contemporary life and where they want to go. They have gone to great lengths to ensure everybody can play a full part in society today, whatever the age, gender, or ability. “Equality for all” would sum it up. Not a bad idea at all. They also reflect a lot on history and what we can learn from it. They are not at all impressed by missionaries or colonial powers. Lack of respect and equality for the indigenous population being the theme I think. There is that equality thing again. Most museums actually have some very searching questions written as parts of the display. I will stop there as I could go on for hours discussing the various merits of the museums and their questions. Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed them. Very educational indeed, just what I like.

I can thoroughly recommend the youth hostel “AF Chapman”, cheap by hotel costs and a great breakfast.

One of the other highlights has to be the island of Finnhamn. Tranquil indeed… ahhhh. However, there are over 1000 plus other such islands, so if you have a small boat and want island hop for a year or two you know where to come.

Its not cheap here though. I would estimate a bit more expensive than London.

One point I should make. I think there is a Swedish keyboard interface issue similar to the Turkish keyboard issue last year. The Swedish alphabet has three extra letters so the keyboard has a different layout. The letter “รค” looks like is comes out as the Russian letter d then you view it back home in the UK. How the Russians come into things I don’t know. Perhaps it is a subliminal message from the Russian underworld saying “the weather in Minsk is good for this time of year, no?” (in a Russian accent of course). Now there is a thought!

All I need to do now is make these trips into some sort of career/job.

Anyway folks until the next time