Stockholm – Old City

Hej folks,

Well, what another fabulous day. Sunny all day, its now 19:00 and still bright sunshine. After many years of travel I have now come to starling conclusion that… I like it when its sunny!!!.

The Swedes certainly do, loads of people relaxing in the glorious sunshine, walking cycling or just chilling out at one of the many street cafes.

More wandering around the city today, mainly the old part of the city located on one of the many small islands. More museums and old buildings for me to drool over. The coin museum was excellent, loads of stuff I found interesting and informative, they even had a small exhibition of items that were invented by Swedes. The zip fastener, matches (I have already been around the match museum… all jokes gratefully received) and of course dynamite, invented by Mr. Nobel (he of the famous prize). Yep, right in the middle of the coin museum was a stick of dynamite and it was leaking nitroglycerine, honest it was.

Swedes are proud of their heritage, history, what they think they have brought to the world and their adventurous traveling and conquering exploits. Oh yes and the battles against the Danes and associations with the Hansa Germans, half of Stockholm used to be inhabited by Germans at some point in Swedish history, I’ll stop there before I really bore you.

Apart from the similarity of being a northern European country with a proud history and a slightly skeptical notion of Europe as a whole. I am afraid the similarities with Great Britain end there. Here, its clean, tidy, smart, relaxed, traffic free etc… and above all else a near franchise free environment. Apart from Mcd***** (sorry I can’t even bring myself to type the word these days).

A refreshing pleasant change, if a tad on the expensive side. Lots on offer for the tourist and plenty of ways to part with your cash.

I have found the timetables for the boats to all of the small islands around the coast of Stockholm together with a bed and breakfast list. I hope to spend one day on an island. Phoning the B & B’s is one of tomorrows tasks.

Hej dä