Stockholm – Skansen and Vasa

Hej folks,

Weyheeeeeeeeeeeeeey. It’s travel time again, but only for one week. Briiiiiiiiiiiiiiilliaaaaaaaant!!!

One whole week in Stockholm and the surrounding area.

First, of all thanks to all those that came to my leaving do at Santa Fe, a very enjoyable time indeed.

Arrived last last night and found a decent place to spend the night. On a boat moored next to one of the many small islands right in the heart of Stockholm. What a great place to start the holiday. OK its a youth hostel.

The cloudy skies first thing this morning disappeared very quickly and have been replaced by clear blue skies for the rest of the day, marvelous. I spent half the day at the Skansen open air museum; buildings, crafts demonstrations and animals. Their were also people in historic costume here and there practicing their craft skills or just hanging around for a photo. The irony was that they were all carrying mobile phones, which I did find quite amusing given their historic costume.

The rest of the day I spent around the fantastic Vasa museum. The ship sank on it´s maiden voyage in 1628. Loads to see and learn. Very impressive.

My cultural hunger is being satisfied, I am in my element, two fantastic museums, great weather, super accommodation, great food and loads more sites and museums to see over the next few days It certainly beats working at BT. I should take this up as a new job.

Stockholm certainly feels relaxed. The frantic, busy and claustrophobic nature of Great Britain has been replaced by wide open streets and huge parks and a great deal of personal space, AKA large city small population. As per the stereo type, I can confirm there are lots of blonde “people”, and lots of Volvos with their lights on (as well as winter tyres). Snow could reappear at any time I have been informed.

Spring has not yet arrived the ground has a one dimensional look to it. That “I´ve been under 6 inches of snow for the past six months” look to be honest. Vegetation wise everything appears to be one month behind.

Anyway its back to the ship.

Regards and Hej Dä (my Swedish language is coming along well)