Classic Paris

With our cultural hats on we headed down to the Musee D’Orsay. Following the river Seine and taking in the odd park here and there. A relaxing if longish walk.

What can be said about the Musee D’Orsay other than it is the best use ever, of an old railways station, bar none. This is an important building for me as it sowed the seed, a number of years ago, for my ever growing interest and enjoyment of art. I distinctly remember coming out of the museum simply buzzing at what I had discovered. Then it was the impressionists that so blew me away. So it was a must see whilst we were here in Paris again. The chance to indulge in so much art and view it all from a new, slightly older perspective was far too good to miss. Viewing new, as well as old paintings was well worth it. Finding even more new gems to stare at for hours wondering what was on the artists mind as well as their subjects when it was painted. There is so much to see here I could spend days just wandering around. We only had a few hours but boy was it worth it.

Onwards to a real highlight, Sainte-Chapelle. A Chapel built in 1248 by Louis IX that is simply jaw dropping inside. A riot of red, gold, green, blue and mauve. With the sun shining through the magnificent windows it positively glowed. It certainly makes a statement and when it was first built must have put anyone who saw it in awe of religion. A kingly homage to God indeed.

Time for a bit of relaxation in the Jadins de Luxembourg. With it’s open spaces, sculptures, fancy buildings and avenues of trees, it does make a very pleasant way to while away the hours, sitting and chatting along the way. The gardens were quiet, so we had parts of it to ourselves. The afternoon waned and the sun gave a faint glow on the skyline as it set behind the Parisian skyline.

We than had a fabulous meal to celebrate my birthday at a great restaurant not far from the garden in an artistic theatrical part of the city.

After a sound nights sleep, we had only a very short time before we had to get the bus to the airport. Just enough time to go to the National Academy of Music with its very decorative facade. Depicting vibrant images of art and music in some exquisite stone sculptures. The detail of skin tone and muscle movement almost bringing them to life.

With minutes to spare we managed to get the bus and the flight home. Thank you Alie for such a fabulous surprise and a wonderful holiday. I love you very very much.