Sighisoara :: Romania

Well here I am in Sighisoara. A fantastic little medieval town deep in Transylvania. Home to Vlad Tepes (he of the skewering people fame) and Hermann Oberth (codeveloped the V2 rocket).

The town itself is wonderfully photogenic. The medieval feel and atmosphere lives on despite the odd tasteful renovation job here and there. It is a typical Saxon central European village where structurally little has changed. The hill fortress with it’s preserved citadel, fully functioning clock tower and 9 towers along it’s bastions really are worthy of investigation. It has been great wandering through the narrow cobble stone streets. This is also the location of my 2 pounds a night hostel. Accommodation bargain of the holiday. should give you a better idea of what the town is all about.

It is just on the fringes of Dracula country so the tee-shirts and mugs with suitable and not so suitable slogans are here. But only in small amounts. It has not yet sold it’s soul to crass commercialism quite yet. However, who knows for how long. If you want to come, come soon, preferably out of season. Its good to people watch and see a working town.

Food, coffee and beer continue to go down well. Tripe soup may look and sound none too appetizing but I can assure you it is the tastiest by far.

Off to Brasov tomorrow on the train to see what that has to offer. More medieval architecture and photograph opportunities I very much hope.

I hope to get to the large carnivore centre to see some wildlife and confirm whether I saw a real wolf when I was in Tsipova in Moldova what seems to me a very very very long time ago.

Roma Gypsies are not that apparent even though they are mostly associated with Romania in Europe. Their brightly covered clothing is a good indicator.

I will now admit my ignorance and admit I did not know they were enslaved and bought to the area from India in 1242 by the Mongols and Tartars settling nomadically from the 15th century onwards.