Skofja Loka

Being just limited to only a day we had a wonderful whistle-stop tour around Skofka Loka. It was geographically a half way point between Lake Bled and our return flight leaving from Llubjana. Nestled in the hills, and at the confluence of two rivers, the town is said to be “one of the best preserved medieval urban centres in Slovenia … and in 1987, the town was proclaimed a cultural monument”. (Another Wiki fact – I can feel Martin bristling at the over use of this resource). Basically if you had a box of toffees or fudge it would have a picture of this town on it, probably taken of the bridge, one of the most photogenic views of the place. Skofka Loka is a tourist destination and you can see why!. First stop, a cafe for a couple of coffees and to plan our next few hours.

We were visiting on a Monday and town centre was quiet – all the better for us to enjoy and take our photographs. Skofja Loka is rich with culture, both architecturally and artistically. From the old decorative frescoes that watch over the pedestrians from on high, to the historic style of buildings that line the main street of the town. Its very easy to imagine yourself transported back in time well before the time of internet cafes and ubiquitous MacDonalds, to when the earth was tilled and the fields bore harvests – and as the back streets will testify – they still do. Its such a world away from Birmingham city centre – you can but day dream about living somewhere so bucolic.

We wondered through the length of the high street and made our way towards the castle. Although a 16th century castle, the main part looked remarkably up to date and as we have seen previously on this trip is well used for events, functions and weddings etc. So once again not the dilapidated and battle scarred Welsh border castle that you get back home. Although the main building was closed the walk round the grounds was peaceful and photogenic, offering more views of the mountains and urban dwellings that we would not have otherwise seen. Our walk continued around the back streets and side streets of the town – as opposed to the commercial part of town. More photogenic views and views of the rivers and the dwellings by the rivers. A beautiful and magical end to our short journey in Slovenia. Then back to the bus station and on to the final leg of our trip home, unmemorable and uneventful – slipping into the mists of memory, like Sunday night blues before Monday morning.