Sailing down the Nile

Well here we are again folks, back on the road on another adventure. This time Alie and i are on a on a two week adventure in Egypt. In spite of the FCO terror alert and after much deliberation, we decided to come to Egypt. And what a good decision that was. Egypt has been gentle, very welcoming and friendly.

On arriving in Cairo, we started the trip with a £10 funfare ride from the airport to the railway station. The best £10 spent in ages. Alie described it very well as a type of voluntary carjacking,, with a boy racer at the wheel, and that defied the laws of physics. At times the car seemed to change from a normal car into a piece of toast that could squeeze into the narrowest gap.. In couldn’t get the smile off my face as Alie kept her eyes shut tightly – especially when the driver started texting at 80 kph, six inches from the car in front, and a teabags distance from the cars either side.

On safe arrival to the train station, and after purchasing the tickets for the overnight train to Luxor we headed to Giza Station. After a short wait and much assistance from the tourist police, we boarded the train and settled for a night’s sleep. I use the term loosely, as it was more like being in a cocktail shaker – I dreamt of earthquakes, and Alie didn’t sleep much at all.

The next day was spent relaxing in a lovely little hotel in Luxor in a quiet, locals part of town well away from the tourist trail. So much so that none of the taxi drivers knew where it was. We took a little stroll, and Alie’s shoe fell apart (the sole fell off) necessitating the use of the hotel’s taxi driver for a bit of impromptu sandal shopping in the local Egyptian (not tourist) shops. Enough excitement for one day.

We were picked up the following day, to start a magical five day trip on a dahabiya up the Nile from just south of Luxor to Aswan. We had 4 companions, all from Holland, with room for 6 more. Sheer luxury and being treated like kings during our stay. En route we visited, one of the best preserved temples, at Edfu and Com Ombo (home of the Crocodile God), a camel market and souq at Daraw with our fantastic Nubian guide, Abdullah – a fascinating guide who really brought history to life – even the symbolism of bird poop hidden in the hieroglyphs, that he could read like a book. The nine crew members kept the dahabiya all ship shape. Glorious food and unobtrusive service that made you feel at home.

The temperature has been around 30 degrees most days. Therefore, sitting on deck in the shade with a lovely cup of Egyptian strong coffee or tea (and a a cigar of course) has been stupendously relaxing. Added to that we all had a swim in the Nile at the end. However, my poor swimming technique ensured I swallowed too much river water, and is never, very good for a healthy digestive constitution. Say no more.

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  1. Hi Mart & Alie. Sounds Fab. However, given your “very good for a healthy digestive constitution” tale I sense yet another famous Weaver U-bend anecdote coming on? Same story – different country (LOL). For some reason I haven’t found those previous experiences listed amongst your ‘Adventures’. Me thinks you have an excellent editor! So, Well done Alie. Now……where’s that wrench?? Enjoy your trip of a lifetime. BR Trev & Co

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