Lisbon meanderings – north and Rossio

On Sunday 14th September after yet another lovely breakfast at 11:00 finished our stay in Lisbon and headed to the next destination. This I had been advised was about an hour’s journey to the North to a hotel on the coast. Alie had deliberated long and hard about this transportation conundrum. Taxi, bus or car, all had their positives and negatives. After a bit of deliberation we decided to take the bus and get their late afternoon bus, not before more pasteis nata in the famous Brasileira coffee house.

A short hop on the city Metro and we put our entire luggage in a locker at Rossio Metro station. We headed up and out to the nearby Dom Pedro IV square, with wonderfully symmetrical paving and it’s refreshing fountain in the warm sunshine, very restful place. Not for too long though as we were soon wandering up and down nearby streets passing underneath the old and very famous Elevador de Santa Justa and up towards the Convento do Carmo. Unfortunately the latter was closed but the façade gave an indication of what might lay in store inside (on another visit).

We then meandered our way further upwards towards the Sao Roque church. It has a stupendous interior and is highly decorated. Adjacent to it was a small exhibition of the charitable work done to relieve suffering around the world. Including a suitably busy painting by Peter Brueghel.

We then followed the funicular track back down to the Dom Pedro IV square. With a detour here and there for some brief shopping and a late lunchtime snack.

We then collected our luggage and boarded the Metro. Heading to the bus station in the north west of the city. With a change of line and the infrequent service on a Sunday we missed one of the buses to Torres Vedras. Not a problem, we just relaxed in the sunshine and waited for the next one. Some 40 minutes later we arrived at the station and got a taxi to the hotel. This was the next surprise. I had no idea what the hotel was like!