Relaxing in Mykonos

As is the way of things in modern working life, we were both feeling in need of a good break and relax – for a change, a bit of sun, sea and sand. So after a bit of searching on the internet, we found a bargain (60% off) of a little hotel in Mykonos, with a swimming pool. So we booked our accommodation, and then scurried about finding a flight to get there. Mykonos is one of the party islands in the Grecian Cyclades islands, all very spontaneous – here we go! Having said that neither of us are party animals, so as long as we could relax with a book, under the warm Mediterranean sun, doze off in an occasional lazy nap, and cool off with a quick dip in a swimming pool – we’d be happy. This is one of those holidays meant to recharge the batteries – and indeed it did!.