Sicily – 2003


(by Alie) And so to the last part of our trip. Having now adjusted to the heat and the slower pace of life, we continued on our photographic journey in this, the original capital of Sicily. Filled with history and historic buildings everywhere you go, it was a photographic paradise. I think one of my … Continue reading Catania

Mount Etna

(by Alie) Now I’m certain Martin would slap me for even using the word bucket list, but Mount Etna, the volcanic pinnacle of Sicily is up there at the top, along with tornadoes and a lightning storm. I am in awe of nature and think it is both amazing and beautiful and we are mere … Continue reading Mount Etna


(by Alie) Once we got to Catania – the next day we left again! We decided to go to the furthest part of our journey and over the course of the holiday, work our way back. So on the bus and off to Syracuse and its historic island of Ortygia. What a wonderful treat – … Continue reading Syracuse