My attitude to travel

My fundamental attitude to travel has changed little since I first started in the early 1990s. I travel with an open mind, bare my soul and have trust in fellow man. An essential starting point irrespective of the destination. To travel with positivity, humour and a smile……. it is infectious and invariably the right key to unlock the normally inaccessible. My aim is always to enjoy and appreciate every single moment, wherever or whatever it is.

To explore the world, understand and experience different cultures, together with their history, architecture, values and beliefs. Most importantly, have a fantastic time.

Where next?
Where next?

One of the most difficult aspects of travel is not the planning, the organizing, the language, the customs, the practicalities or the great unknown. It is successfully communicating with those interested in your escapades, endeavoring to convey precisely what it felt like at a certain place at a certain time. So started my attempt at achieving this Himalayan task with my regular travelogues, such is my enthusiasm and fervent desire to share my experiences.

Back in the early 1990s, with destinations such as South America, the Middle East and Central Asia, a 35mm camera and a note book was all I used to record my thoughts, opinions and observations. Today, with ubiquitous internet access and digital photography, the job of communicating has been made so much easier.

So here it is, the latest incarnation of my travel exploits. Have a seat, grab yourself a cuppa and indulge in some classic armchair travelling.